Are labor unions good for Texas?

A great deal has been discussed about the labor movement in Texas. Why is Texas afraid of unions.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Remember who owns, “The Alamo”

Remember who owns, “The Alamo”

This is a case in which The State of Texas
The Daughters of the Republic of Texas.
This is a case in which I feel that Rick Perry is right for the first time, yes the trademark should be part of the state of Texas. Well I feel that DRT has the responsibility to maintain the mission and it took that responsibility in 1905 given by the state of Texas. Yes, it was an agreement that DRT make with state, but it doesn’t give them the authority to try to obtain the exclusive right to a trademark of its name, and generate a profit as a result. DRT claims it only want it for museum services? Huh.. Sound a little awkward to me, it sound like the initial intention was to generate as much as they could and use fund of course to maintain the “Old Mission”.
Well I guess that the state has file an opposition to the application and will meet with DRT officials to discuss what needs to be done to resolve this matter. Let the state generate as much money as it can, because coming November, the cat coming out of the hat. Texas will be in need of every cent they can get hold of.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This is in response to Fess Up, Y'all Know Govt Matter
First of all I truly agree with you about Rick Perry, He has his as.. way over his head and doesn’t realize it. During his visit at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, he requests the presidential candidates’ just to say “NO” to President Barack Obama and No to anything that makes Washington relevant to the American people. The Governor of Texas seems to speak for himself and a few members of his party. As a leader he should show more respect to others elected officials who are elected by the people, whose job is to find ways to better our lives and the future of our State and our country.
Yes, we are in titled to our opinion in our leadership. It is also my opinion that our leaders in Texas have not done what is required of them, as citizen of this state, we need to organize ourselves and get the vote out and change what needs to be changed for the best of the people of this state. As for Mr. Perry, it is about time you step down and allow someone else run this state.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Perry: Obama's health care plan is a disaster

Perry: Obama's health care plan is a disaster

On a commentary published April 2, 2010, Rick Perry is still in the offensive position on the new health care reform that Obama has signed into law. He attacks the Congress on passing the massive health care reform, stating that this bill will hurt tax paying people of Texas who oppose big government, Well who is he speaking for? It seems he is still trying to fight instead of working for Texans. Can he just let go and work for the people and not for himself and the others constituents who seem to be sour losers. What I’am trying to say is that they need try to work with each other on getting the rights laws and bills passed. Forget what party won and what party lost. According to a poll in Texas( Texas voice on health care),it seems that at least half of the people favored the reform. addition to providing new economic security to millions of Texas families, the national health reform bill will also bring billions of dollars back to Texas each year through health insurance tax credits for middle class and low-income Texans, and Medicaid coverage for our poorest citizens. I feel that this reform will also cut insurance premiums in the long run. This seem to be logical for us Texans, that we benefit from this reform, and not only as individuals but as a state. There are many people who need help during these hard economic times, this health care reform will provide some relief to those in need, Lets give it a chance to see what results it will provide. As a citizen of the state of Texas, I don’t mind paying a little more than what I did before to help other fellow Texans in need.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lawsuits against United States Government

Lawsuits against United States Government

I read a blog on The Texas Tribune by Reeve Hamilton and was sort of disappointed with what the attorney generals of several states are trying to do because of the health care reform that President Obama has signed. It seems like a sore loser type of game, in which the loser is trying to find ways to turn the table. According to the blog, Reeve Hamilton had spoken to Attorney General Greg Abbott over the telephone on Monday 03-22-10, Mr. Hamilton asked Mr. Abbott a series of question concerning the alleged lawsuit that several states had participated in. One question was under what basis was the lawsuit going to be about? Mr. Abbott explained that the states had a legal dormant theory known as “nullification” in which the states entered the Union as sovereign entities on the terms of a pack, they have the power to nullify any law passed by the federal government. Another key element that will be used in the lawsuit is that Congress violates the 10th amendment in which congress cannot regulate an individual to purchase insurance. In article 1 section 8 of the constitution the commerce clause – is used by Congress to regulate commercial activities in which people do voluntarily, never used to force people to refuse to participate in. according to Abbott, it is forced on the American people to engage in commerce and then congress regulates it, this would be unprecedented force that Congress has done.

The Author’s view on this is neutral on the subject; he only asked some basic question on how the suit was based on. I feel that he was maybe trying to let people take a look at what these individuals are doing because they have failed to stop the healthcare reform. They are using the Texas Constitution as a rebuttal tool instead of working together in changing for the benefit of the people not the benefit of a party. This is all legal jargon that I feel should be left to the people to decide. Maybe we the people should consider voting in another party that will work together instead of conflict after conflict.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Is Chavez-Thompson the best Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor?

It is evident that the Democratic Party in Texas still has lots of work to do. And it seems that they lack unity, and foundation. The Republican Party on the other hand seems to be well established within the party. Many Democratic Party members know that it going to be a while till they have a chance in Texas statewide posts. It could take several years for the Democratic Party in Texas to develop into a powerful party.
While reading this article on the Austin statesman I found this editorial article and it gave me the chills to see that the democrats are having a hard time. On the ballot for lieutenant governor for are three candidates for the Democratic ticket. The first one is Linda Chavez-Thompson a longtime labor leader, second is a former Travis County District Attorney named Ronnie Earle 67, and the third candidate is a Austin deli owner Marc Katz 63. These are the people who would best be the leader for the Democratic lieutenant governor ticket. Well I feel that it is sorry for my party to have such little choices to choose from for this election year. The best one I feel and so does the editor, would be Linda Chavez- Thompson because she knows through experiences that life is rough out there and also because she was a union labor leader and will fight for the working class people. She seems to be the only one who would stand a chance in competing with the incumbent. Just by reading this article give me a wide vision of what is to come for the Democrats. I guess that the editor who wrote this is familiar with the parties, and I do agree with them on this article.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Two former county judges, political opponents face off

I feel that this is important for my home town politics, and also for us students to see that within our local politics comes a form of greed that touches everyone. I had done some volunteer work for Mr Garcia's during a political campaign for county judge in 2003. He is a candidate, with a "call of duty", that does not pull in a paycheck while serving in public office. As for the other, it is quite different. During his administration, he purposed a substantial increase in pay for himself. If only our politicians from state and local governments were to do the same, maybe citizen would feel more confident in there elected officials. This race we be good for the county of Hidalgo, Texas. This should also pull out many registered voters who have voted but not been active. Its a heated race between two distinguished democrats who have major influences in Hidalgo County politics.

Eloy Pulido